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Locator/Identifier Separation Protocol

September 20, 2011

c-mug_logo On Sep 13, 2011 Eric Stuhl, Sr. Consultant at Chesapeake Netcraftsmen, and Craig Hill, Distinguished Systems Engineer for Cisco Systems, discussed Locator/Identifier Separation Protocol (LISP) at C-MUG.


LISP was initially conceived to address Internet DFZ scalability issues, however, once the concept of splitting the device identity and location is available, many potential benefits are possible. Some of the important use cases include:

  • Low operating-expense (OpEx) multihoming with site-based policy control
  • Low OpEx site independence with renumbering avoidance while scaling the Internet DFZ Data center virtual machine mobility
  • Fast mobility (LISP mobile node client)
  • Connecting IPv6 islands (IPv6 transition)

For a PDF of the presentations, please download Introduction to LISP or LISP Use Cases.

For more information on C-MUG, please review the C-MUG User Group page.

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