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The Four Kinds of Clouds, and How Each Affects Your Business

August 24, 2015

Organizations are increasing their use of the cloud. Each form of cloud (SaaS, private, public, hybrid) has implications for your network and infrastructure.

In this C-MUG session, Peter Welcher discussed business drivers for each type of cloud, and what each type of cloud requires from the network infrastructure. We then took a look at what steps you can take to build a Cloud Ready Network.

We also heard from Nick Sinish, Senior Cloud Architect for Infoblox, on enhancing each of these cloud models. Infoblox Cloud Solution provides DDI Automation, Central Management, and Visibility into all Assets.

You can view the presentations below.

Build a Cloud Ready Network from NetCraftsmen

Infoblox Cloud Solutions – Cisco Mid-Atlantic User Group from NetCraftsmen
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