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Keep Your IT Environment In Perfect Health

Every modern organization needs to regularly assess the state of its IT environment. Let the experts at NetCraftsmen help. We’ll provide recommendations that spotlight current inefficiencies and vulnerabilities, help prevent future outages, and spot potential concerns before they become critical problems.

NetCraftsmen experts partner with your network team to closely identify and analyze:

  • Known reported problem areas
  • Major performance pain points
  • Existing and potential network design challenges
  • Device configurations and command output
  • Overall compliance with best practices
  • NetMRI-based performance and issues reports

Our team specializes in the following critical assessments to obtain a clear picture of network health and guide the most effective strategies for repair, enhancement, and improvement:


An essential preventive medicine for any large organization with a complex network infrastructure, our network assessment identifies current and potential problem areas, then provides prioritized recommendations for real performance improvement. And we do it all in as little as three weeks.


Security breaches are on the rise, and hackers’ methods are growing more sophisticated. We’ll evaluate how your data is stored and transferred, then scrutinize your complete network architecture, including at different locations and interconnection points. We also account for use of cloud services, with special focus on how data is accessed, and the interaction between cloud and in-house storage components.

Server & Virtualization

Get an outside perspective of your infrastructure and its policies and procedures. We deploy a series of advanced data-gathering tools and have detailed conversations with your technology leaders and administrators to obtain a full analysis of server health.

Unified Communications & Collaboration

We’ll identify current and potential challenges with your collaboration technologies and deliver prioritized recommendations for improvement, identifying critical solution components and producing a plan of action. We also review dial plan solution designs and provide guidance for integration of E.164 and URI standards in your voice and video environment, whether it is enhancing an existing solution or expanding to include on-premise or hosted services.

Rest assured that in just a few weeks, you’ll have a completed evaluation of your IT environment to help you avoid major problems and keep you running efficiently. For a conversation about assessing your environment, reach out today.

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