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A Methodology That’s Trusted and Tested

Enterprise technology projects are complicated. With NetCraftsmen Project Assurance, you can rest assured knowing that every one of your projects will be executed perfectly. It’s an approach that accounts for every facet of your project, including the personnel and project plan, execution, risk management, and client interaction.

More than a Methodology — It’s Assurance of Success

We implement our exclusive Project Assurance process in seven distinct phases, each implemented with unmatched competence and absolute confidence. It results in outcomes that exceed expectations:

Charter Development: A preliminary identification of roles and responsibilities that outlines project objectives, identifies primary stakeholders, and defines the authority of the project manager.

Scope Determination: A clear definition of the work that needs to be accomplished to deliver a product, service, or result with specified features and functionality.

Plan Development: The formal, approved plan guides both project execution and project control. Here is where planning assumptions and decisions are documented, along with approved scope, cost, and schedule.

Project Direction: Project team accountability is enabled through key decisions, establishing overall control and delegating day-to-day management.

Monitor & Control: These are processes designed to observe project execution, identifying potential problems and promptly initiating corrective action as needed.

Change Control: This more formal process ensures that changes to a system are introduced in a controlled and coordinated manner. It reduces the chance introduction of unnecessary changes and documents any changes made.

Project Closeout: Finally, this thorough assessment of the project reveals lessons learned and best practices that can be applied to future projects.

Only NetCraftsmen offers this painstaking level of project development, implementation, and control. With NetCraftsmen Project Assurance, projects are delivered on time, completed within budget, and perform as intended.

Lifecycle Service Model

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