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NetCraftsmen understands the imperative of designing and cultivating a successful network infrastructure.

Think of network infrastructure as technological resilience, enabling your organization to support and adapt to ever-changing conditions and needs. NetCraftsmen understands the imperative of designing and cultivating a successful network infrastructure that balances flexibility and functionality, reliable connectivity, and cost.

Whether supporting a design for a new facility or optimizing an existing network, our team stays laser-focused on supporting your organization’s requirements and maximizing the advantages of your networking investments.

Tapping our combined decades of in-depth experience supporting multiple technologies and network applications in virtually every type of networking environment, we quickly learn your organization’s current infrastructure state, and understand how to optimize it going forward.

The partnership approach between our team and yours typically begins with consultative training, then follows a strategic sequence consisting of:

  • Assessment of the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement in your existing datacenter
  • Initial planning for a new design or design changes
  • Successful phased deployment with minimal disruption
  • Recommendations for ongoing management and next steps for continued improvement

And the NetCraftsmen approach keeps support of your organizational processes the top priority throughout.

The NetCraftsmen team includes 10 CCIEs with many in routing and switching (one of whom has been double-certified in security), and has earned Cisco Advanced Routing and Switching Specialization status. In addition, one of our CCIEs is also a CCDE.

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