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NetCraftsmen prides itself on an intelligent approach to the cloud.

Instead of seeing the cloud as a managed services cure-all, we recognize its value and recommend its implementation only after essential elements of infrastructure, functionality, and security are in place. Cloud readiness is a meticulous process of incrementally adjusting network, security, and data center processes and designs. This foundation makes it possible to then prepare an organization’s network for use of private, public, and hybrid cloud options while conducting initial projects exploring cloud technologies.

Moving data or processing to the public cloud comes with very real security concerns, and it should be driven by genuine organizational priorities. Public cloud adaptation should not be pushed simply because of technical trends. Private cloud, by comparison, can provide a secure basis to begin transforming processes while analyzing application structures and security needs for how to best leverage public or hybrid cloud.

NetCraftsmen experts work with our clients to first determine the viability of any cloud-based implementation, providing invaluable guidance and expertise that can save expense and frustration without overlooking security demands. We call it “Cloud Common Sense.” If you’re eager to go to the cloud, don’t go without a craftsman!

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